Materials: Planning and Execution Webinar

Wednesday 13th October 3PM BST (30 minutes)

A look at synchronising planning with raw material availability.

Presented by:

  • Alfredo Olivera, R&D Manager

Join us on October 13th at 3PM BST

In this webinar we'll explore:

Planning and executing raw materials - Learn how Greycon's opt-Studio and GreyconMill are used to plan and execute raw materials! opt-Studio will be used to demonstrate the value its users gain from synchronising planning with raw material availability. Operators and planning managers can benefit from this as the system can ensure that there are enough raw materials to cover all scheduled orders.
Ensure that you always have enough raw materials to complete scheduled orders!

What to buy and when? - Alfredo will demonstrate how Greycon's systems show its user the exact materials that they will need to purchase and when they will need to be purchased.
Take a more informed approach to buying raw materials!

Tracking - The webinar will conclude with a discussion around tracking within the system. Tracking allows Greycon's users to understand what materials have been used, the amount used and how they were used.
Keep on top of the use of raw materials!


Alfredo Olivera
R&D Manager