Quality Aware Optimisation Webinar

This webinar took place on Wednesday 27th January, 2PM GMT

See how optimising around defects has been improved with the new version of X-Trim providing quality-aware optimisation.

Presented by:

  • Constantine Goulimis, Greycon Co-Founder

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In this webinar we explored:

The functionality for optimising around defects is due for a major revamp in 2021. The new version of X-Trim will provide quality-aware optimisation, meaning parts of a jumbo reel can be supplied to some customers, but not others, based on the jumbo reel’s quality characteristics and the customers’ specific tolerances. 

This webinar will describe how existing functionality will be changed, including the retirement of utility orders, and the concept of a fault-tolerant order. We will also look at the addition of new capabilities.

If you are using or interested in the existing X-Trim Faults functionality, we strongly recommend that you attend.


Constantine Goulimis