Watch the opt-Studio Jan'21 Webinar

This webinar took place on Thursday 28th January, 3PM GMT

Stock auto-allocation, trim estimation, and schedule adherence.

Presented by:

  • Alfredo Olivera, R&D Manager
  • Jay Jordan, Regional Manager

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In this webinar we explored:

Stock auto-allocation - Learn how you can use opt-Studio to effectively and efficiently utilise your inventory! Greycon is providing their customers a way to automatically apply inventory to orders without the dreadful and time consuming process of manual allocation.
Drive down costs with this disciplined approach to inventory allocation.

Trim estimation - Learn how opt-Studio customers are getting a competitive advantage by automating the process of estimating the trim efficiency of future runs!
Improve your efficiencies, plan better, plan smarter!

Schedule adherence - “But…. what happened?” If you’ve heard this question before, you need to see this webinar. The schedule is a dynamic and ever changing entity! Trying to analyse what happened and what can be done to improve is difficult. Greycon provides opt-Studio customers the ability to consider a measurable adherence to previous schedules.
Gain insight and increase accountability!


Alfredo Olivera

Jay Jordan